Daily Prayer Intentions during 40 Days for Life Spring 2023 Campaign

We Join Our Daily Prayer Intention With Those Standing Vigil to End Abortion and for the Conversion of Hearts and Minds - In Our Community, Our Commonwealth, Our Country, and Our World

Daily Prayer Intentions
Free Ultrasound Coupon

Print off these coupons to give to women going into the abortion center. When they call Angela will arrange a time and place to meet. She has an excellent track record in getting women to chose life.

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40 Days for Life Falls Church Logistic Information

40 Days for Life Spring 2022 Campaign Logistic information

Logistic Info
Brochure for abortion-minded expectant parents

Download and print this resource and bring it to the sidewalk with you so you can share it with abortion-minded parents. To print, use Adobe, and the following printer settings: print on both sides, flip on short edge, landscape.

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Post Abortion Story and sign

One woman's thoughts on her abortion and how to help other women.

Sign for post abortive women Woman's story

How to get car magnets for your group letting women know about

Pro-Life OB /GYN in Northern Virginia

These doctors are pro-life. When women go to an abortion center for PAP smears for other gyn services they are usually open to being referred to a Pro-Life OB/ GYN

English Statement of Peace

Everyone who uses this website has agreed to behave in accordance with this document.

Statement of Peace
Sidewalk Counselling

Training resources to learn how to Sidewalk Counsel

Sidewalk Counselor Lifeguard Sidewalk Advocates
Financial Help for Pregnant Women

Financially, and with my current job/school situation, I can’t have a baby”

Financial Assistance
Help for Women with addiction/violent relationships

You have no idea what I’m going through with addiction/violence/relationships

Recovery and Mental Health
Help for Women to care for their baby/current children

I can’t care for this baby/my current children

Care for Children
Pro-Life Apologetics

Resources that provide clear Pro-Life arguments

Pro-Life Apologetics 101 Students for Life Secular Pro-Life Apologetics
Material and Legal Support for Pregnant Women

I don’t have the ability to meet my child’s basic needs.

Material and Legal Support
Not Sure Which Resource to Use?

QUIZ TO FIND HELP--Personalize search results for women in need

Prayer Support for Healing and Conversion

Please join us in praying and offering sacrifices for the conversion and healing of families, especially those who have been personally wounded by abortion or are considering abortion.

Prayer Support
Help for Women with health and medical issues

“My health and medical needs are at risk/overwhelming”

Health & Well being