40 Days for Life-Falls Church Update

Oct. 18, 2021, 2:07 p.m.


As of Monday, October 18, 2021, 366 lives that we know of, have been saved during the worldwide 40 Days for Life campaign.

2 were here at Falls Church

The first was on Oct. 8 when the two Mikes prayed all day. Their prayers were answered with a save.

The second was on Friday, October 8, 2021, Bill was praying in front of Falls Church abortion center. A woman got out of an Uber in front of the building. Instead of going in she went to talk to Bill. She told him that she was pregnant and had to have the abortion. She didn’t have a choice. Bill patiently explained that she did have a choice. There was a pregnancy help center half a mile away that would help her with whatever she needed. Bill offered to drive her there. She accepted. She went into the pregnancy help center. She returned to the pregnancy help center a few days later and had an ultrasound.


Former abortion workers say that when people are praying on the sidewalk in front of the abortion center the no show rate goes up, sometimes as much as 70%.   I think we may have achieved that on Saturday, October 16. There was tremendous participation starting with Father Scalia and 20 or so parishioners from St. James praying in front of the building at 6:30 AM. Seton HS came and prayed then George Mason students came. St. Veronica’s Father Kleinmann and a large group of prayer warriors prayed the Rosary before noon. There was a time when 40 people were praying. The result? Normally on a Saturday 8-10 abortions are scheduled. Yesterday we only saw 3 women go in.


We also are there for the abortion workers. Peyton, a sidewalk counselor, spoke to one of the deathscorts for 30 minutes. She was cordial and while she didn’t change her mind, she was exposed to the truth. 



While most of the passers by are either neutral or supportive there have been a few incidents of people yelling at us, mostly from cars. The following are the 40 Days for Life Commandments of Safety:

1.       Stay safe, always.

2.       Try to have at least two vigil participants.

3.       Never be alone after dark.

4.       Conduct the vigil in a safe and public or otherwise lawful location.

5.       If you feel threatened, leave and call the police.

6.       If your path is blocked, call the police.

7.       If you are touched, call the police.

8.       If you can safely do so, photograph/film events.

9.       If the police arrive, be polite and cooperative.

10.   If you are ordered to leave by competent governmental authority, do so and contact 40 Days for Life headquarters.

11.   Do not trespass.

12.   Do not threaten.

13.   Do not touch others.

14.   Do not display or discuss weapons.

15.   Do not curse.

16.   Do not block anyone's path/right-of-way.

17.   Obey all laws.


We have 2 more weeks. God is planning on accomplishing great things through our prayers and preserving until the end.

Thank you for participating!!

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