Life Saved in Falls Church

Dec. 3, 2020, 4:09 p.m.

During the recent 40 Days for Life campaign at least 2 lives were saved in Falls Church and one life in Alexandria. Here is the story of one of those lives. On the morning of October 22, 2020, a sidewalk counselor and prayer warrior from St. Anthony Catholic Church, gave a man a Spanish brochure. The man told her that he was the driver waiting for a woman who was already inside the abortion facility. She asked him to give the woman the pamphlet. Her, time praying ended and other prayer warriors replaced her. An hour passed and those prayer warriors left and another group took over. They were assembled and praying calling on St. John Paul the Great to pray with them since it was his Feast Day as well as St. Joseph and St. Michael for protection.

The man walked up to the door. He appeared downcast and appeared to be waiting for his lady to come down. He sat in the chair in the lobby and he was looking at something. A quick prayer to St. Joseph to speak to that man's heart and get him to call her down was said.

As the team finished the Divine Mercy Chaplet, this same man came out with his lady. She was walking well and did not have an abortion. They got into their car. A prayer warrior showed him her "CHOOSE LIFE- We can help you” sign and he looked right at her, nodded his head YES and smiled. She immediately went over. He gave her a thumbs up and both were smiling. There was pure joy on their faces- it was so clear that they had chosen LIFE for their baby!! She said we can help you with anything you need. He showed her the brochure he was given earlier that morning and asked in broken English "Is this good to get help?" She answered, "YES"!!! They drove away and the prayer warriors said goodbye and “GOD BLESS YOU"!

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